Will not the Judge of all Earth Do Right?

My reading today started in Psalms. 7:1-9. David had been wronged and falsely accused yet he was putting his trust in God that He would deliver. In verse 8 David says “judge me, o Lord, according to my righteousness. David knew that God tests the heart and minds. (V 9) that God will judge justly even when it may feel like others do not. 

Matthew 7:24 – 8:22. The very first story in this passage talks about the wise man who built his house on the rock.  I have had times in my life that I was clinging to Gods word and building my foundation on the rock.  You know digging deep and thinking and praying and retaining what I read.  And I have had times that I was checking off that I read the words on the page and going about my business.  I can truly say that when I am digging and building my foundation on the rock that the things that the enemy throws at me do not penetrate me quite like they do when I have just checked it off.  If I am building my foundation I don’t worry as much (although I have already confessed this is a weakness), I don’t struggle as much with insecurity, disappointment and unfulfilled longings.  Life is still happening around me but I am more equipped to handle the trials and suffering going on in my life and around me.  Jesus gives me what I need to handle life.  Even when and if it seems unfair. 

Genesis 19:1-20:18

The first story in this passage gives me hope and confidence in my prayers.  Abraham asked God to spare Sodom for only 10 people.  God didn’t spare Sodom but he did spare Lot and his daughters.  And almost Lots wife.  She just couldn’t keep herself from looking back though.  I pray that when God sends me a rescue from my own stupidity that I will take it and not look back.  The other story is on Abraham giving his wife away and passing her off as his sister AGAIN!   It hit me how many times do I put myself in a position to re-learn what God has already taught me.  

Thank you Lord that You are my judge and that you “test the heart and mind” (Ps 7:9)

Author: Sonia Sticker

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, employee, woman. And I simply need more JESUS in my life!

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